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Ragtales Bear and Rabbit Tales


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The gorgeous collection of bears and rabbits are presented in their very own gift box and are simply adorable. Darcy Bear comes in two sizes. He is finished in the softest white fur with a velvety chocolate nose. He is a cuddly and loveable companion ready to follow you from playtime to bedtime. The larger bear is jointed on the legs and weighted. ( Darcy 38 cm H). Baby Darcy is just the right size for a travelling companion, whether home or abroad and is a soft caramel colour.  (Baby 16cm H).

Bella and Bo Rabbit are brother and sister and are the perfect companion for Darcy Bear. They also come in two sizes. They are just as soft, cuddly and loveable. Bella is finished in the softest white fur and Bo is a soft caramel colour. (Bella & Bo 42cmH). (Baby Bella & Bo 29cms).

All suitable from birth and are machine washable.